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The SG2.1X42 is a handy binocular with a bright 42mm aperture and low 2.1X magnification that is designed and developed for star gazing. Enjoy finding a row of stars in constellations and millions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy with its ultra wide field of view. The sparkle of beautiful and mysterious stars will never fail to give us a sense of the vastness of the universe.

Product No.19172-7

Magnification 2.1X
Objective lens 42mm, fully multicoated optics
Eye relief 8.4mm*
Near focus 2m
Interpupillary distance 55mm to 74mm
Size 4.6cm x 12.8cm x 5.4cm
Weight 410g
- With soft case and neck strap
- Individual focusing
- Corrected vision 20/20 may be required to focus infinity
- The whole field of view is not visible if wearing eyeglasses

This SG2.1x42 binocular uses an optical design of a Galilean type telescope system. With the characteristics of this system, real field of view, apparent field of view and eye relief are not determined strictly.

Although only the eye relief is described in the specifications of this product mainly, it is indicated as reference for the person who wears glasses.

<Reference specifications>
Actual field of view : 12.2 degrees
Apparent field of view : 25.2 degrees
Eye relief : 8.4mm*

* The values of the actual field of view and apparent field of view are measured based on an 8.4mm eye relief. If the distance of the eye relief decreases to 5.6mm, the apparent field of view will increase to 28 degrees (the actual field of view will be 13.6 degrees.) Therefore, these vary with your viewing position.