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The NEW AP (Advanced) Equatorial Mount.

This new mount takes the simple equatorial mount to a new level. The heart of the AP is the “R.A Motor Module and STAR BOOK ONE Set”. This innovative drive unit outperforms the current concept of conventional equatorial mounts. The AP Mount changes the configuration of the Equatorial Mount by adapting to your growing interest in visual observation or astrophotography.

Customize to fit Your Observing Needs

Each of the working units is modularized. Choose the best system by combining the modules to meet your observation needs.
<AP Mount>
Equatorial mount with manual slow motion controls (The motion of R.A and DEC is manually controlled.)
<AP-SM Mount>
Equatorial mount with single R.A motor drive (The R.A is controlled by a motor, but the DEC is manually controlled)
<AP-SM Mount plus DEC Motor Module>
Equatorial mount with R.A and DEC dual-axis drive (The R.A and DEC are both controlled by the motor)

AP Mount Modules and Units
AP Mount Modules and Components
The AP-SM mount and all the available optional parts are shown here.
Features of AP Mount

◆Stylish Design

The surface of the AP mount is designed to be flat without protrusions, to present a simple uncomplicated design for this easy to use EQ Mount. Easily attach an astronomical telescope onto the AP Mount. The AP mount utilizes 4 AA-size batteries and the inner electrical wiring contact system give you tracking with no tangling electric cords. This eliminates the problem of pulling on the electric cords in the dark during operation.

◆Intuitive Friction Control

Simple friction holds the telescope in place. Hold the optical tube and turn it by hand to point your telescope at target celestial objects. The friction holds its position anywhere you stop providing an intuitive and easy operation.

◆Quick and Simple Polar Alignment

The AP mount comes equipped with an accessory shoe for an optional Polar Meter, a compass to find north for quick polar alignment. With the Polar Meter, you will be able to point your AP mount roughly at the North Pole for polar alignment if Polaris is not visible at your observing site.

SX2 Equatorial Mount

Intuitive Friction Control

Quick and Simple Polar Alignment

◆Optional Polar Alignment Scope PF-L

The newly developed Polar Scope implements a new mode of Polar alignment. Simply match the reticle pattern with the actual rows of stars so that 3 reference stars are placed into specified positions on the reticle of the polar alignment scope. The adjustable dim light of the built-in illuminator maintains your night vision and turns off automatically.

◆Highly Compact Tripod

The newly developed APP-TL130 tripod, which has both portability required for camera tripods and strength required for astronomical observation, can be folded as short as about 23.5” (60cm) in length and it is an excellent companion for travelling. The tripod extends up to 51” (130cm) in length. The tips of the tripod legs have a retractable rubber cover which protects the floor from scratching.

◆Power Supply

The R.A and DEC motor modules work with four AA Alkaline batteries, rechargeable Ni-MH or Ni-Cd batteries. The R.A motor module is equipped with an USB Micro-B plug socket for external power supply. The USB Micro-B battery packs are suggested for lengthy observation sessions.


The STAR BOOK ONE is a versatile yet easy-to-use handheld controller which is designed to drive the AP mount in the R.A (X-axis) and DEC (Y-axis) directions at various rates. The tracking options are available from sidereal rate, Kings rate, lunar rate, solar rate and many more for time-lapse photography. In addition, it offers many useful functions such as backlash compensation, autoguider port, PEC and the built-in red LED light keeps accommodating your eye to the dark. The STAR BOOK ONE is provided for the AP-SM mount as an integral part of the R.A motor module.

The STAR BOOK ONE controllers are not sold separately.
Plug in the AP mount to turn ON the power.
Size and weight: 13.7 x 6.5 x 2.1 cm, 110g(3.88 oz.)
CPU: 32-bit CISC processor
>>STAR BOOK ONE specifications

STAR BOOK ONE Controller

STAR BOOK ONE Controller

Both the STAR BOOK ONE and STAR BOOK TEN controllers are not compatible with the SX, SXD, GP2 and GPD2 mounts.

Similarly the STAR BOOK controller is not compatible with the SX2, SXD2, SXP, AXD, GP2, GPD2 mounts, and the STAR BOOK Type-S controller is not compatible with the SX2, SXD2, SXP, AXD, SX, SXD mounts.Do not attempt to use the controller in a combination other than the specified here. This could damage the controller and mount.