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Customizing your own stargazing style

The versatile AP mount system is composed of sectional modules and units. It can be easily upgraded or customized for your specific need.

Variations on the AP Mount System

AP Alt-Azimuth Mount

The APZ alt-az mount is the most basic style of the AP mount system. The alt-azimuth mount allows a quick setting and intuitive operation. It is suited for beginners who want an easy-to-use mount.

AP Equatorial Mount

The AP equatorial mount is comprised of some modules and units that are jointed together to make a highly portable German equatorial mount of excellent quality. It is a standard and versatile equatorial mount having a large extendibility with a variety of optional accessories.

AP Photo Guider

If you are looking for a compact star tracker with high precision for guided-camera astrophotography, this is it.

AP Star Tracker・
AP Time-lapse

Create your own style with several modules and units to fit your observing needs. Examples are here.


Various AP Modules and Units

Each of the AP mount system components is sold separately. A wide selection of optional accessories is available for your observing needs.

AP Mount Case

The「AP Mount Case」 is a new mount case designed to store and carry the AP series telescope mount (such as AP Mount, AP-SM Mount, APZ Mount).

Both the STAR BOOK ONE and STAR BOOK TEN controllers are not compatible with the SX, SXD, GP2 and GPD2 mounts.

Similarly the STAR BOOK controller is not compatible with the SX2, SXD2, SXP, AXD, GP2, GPD2 mounts, and the STAR BOOK Type-S controller is not compatible with the SX2, SXD2, SXP, AXD, SX, SXD mounts.Do not attempt to use the controller in a combination other than the specified here. This could damage the controller and mount.