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AP Photo Guider

The AP Photo Guider is a compact star tracker for guided-camera astrophotography.
The AP Photo Guider comes equipped with the STAR BOOK ONE controller that provides you both accurate tracking for hours and comfortable operation.

Product No.39989

Features of AP Photo Guider
- Setting up is easy. Mount your camera on the AP Photo Guider with the provided dovetail slide bar GP via a ball head sold commercially. If a heavy camera is mounted, the installation of a supplementary counterweight bar and a counterweight 1 kg will increase the stability of the AP Photo Guider.

- The Polar alignment scope is provided. It enables you to align the AP Photo Guider to the celestial pole as accurately as 3 arc minutes or less. The Polar alignment scope’s reticle will be illuminated in red light and it turns off automatically after a certain interval.

- There is an accessory shoe on the body to install the Polar Meter sold separately. The Polar Meter allows for a quick setting of the AP Photo Guider for polar alignment when Polaris is hidden and not seen directly in your observing site.

- The AP Photo Guider has a USB port (USB Micro-B) for power supply and external USB mobile batteries (over 0.5A output) are available. The batteries are not included.

Note: The batteries for the AP Photo Guider are not available from Vixen.

Composition of AP Photo Guider
- AP Polar Axis Body Unit with AP Clamp Lever
- R.A Motor Module and STAR BOOK ONE set
- PG Mount Head Set
- Polar Alignment Scope PF-L

【Main body】

R.A. slow motion

Worm and wheel gears with 144-tooth whole circle micro movement (by electric motor), 73.5mm in diameter

Quick slewing motion

Friction stop mechanism

Worm shaft

11mm in diameter, made of brass

R.A axis

59mm in diameter, made of aluminum alloy

Number of bearing

4 pieces

Azimuth adjustment

Fine adjustments with twin screw knobs about 1.4 degrees per rotation, adjustable range about +/- 6.5 degrees

Altitude adjustment

Latitude adjustable between 0 degree to 65 degrees, about 1.9 degrees per rotation with tangent screw

Polar alignment scope

Pre-installed. 6x20mm, 8 degrees field of view, with self-light-off dark field illuminator, reticle with scales for pointing 3 stars (No hour angle setting is required), within 3 arc minutes of  setting accuracy

Motor drive / Tracking

Pulse motor / High precision tracking with SBO

Loading weight

6 kg (Maximum torque load: 150kg-cm at a point of 25cm from the place where the RA and DEC axes cross.)

Controller cable port

D-SUB 9PIN male

Power port

USB Micro-B (female)

Power supply

External USB battery pack (Commercially available)

Electricity consumption

DC 5V 0.2 to 0.5A (1.0 to 2.5W)

Main body weight

2.4 kg

Total weight w/tripod

5.4 kg

Recommended optional accessories

Supplementary counterweight bar, Counterweight 1 Kg, Polar meter



Quick-release extendable 3-section legs, made of aluminum

Adjustable range

Length: from 570mm to 1296mm
Height: from 526mm to 1129mm
Set up circle: between 350mm and 710mm in radius


AP Photo Guider

AP Photo Guider System Structure Diagram