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Altazimuth Fork Mount

Photo:HF2 Altazimuth Fork Mount

HF2 Altazimuth Fork Mount (for SXG-HAL tripod)

  • This is an altazimuth fork mount which can equip large binoculars for astronomical observation.
  • Our sturdy aluminium tripod for SX-SXD mounts can be used for this mount.

Product No.38062-6

※The mount requires optional accessories to cary binoculars

BT81S-A Binocular Telescope

Photo BT80-A Optical Tube

BT81S-A Binocular Telescope
Image expansion


Image expansion

BT81S-A Binocular Telescope

  • Vixen's newest Binocular Telescope delivers crystal clear, sharp views through its new optical design. Its lightweight body ensures that you can take it to any observing location.

Product No.14304-7
Effective Aperture : 81mm
Objective lens : Achromatic lens
Lens Coating : Magnesium flouoride coating
Focal length : 480mm
Focal ratio : F5.9
Resolving power : 1.43 arc seconds
Limiting magnitude : 11.3
Light gathering power : 134×
Dimensions : 480mmL × 190mmW × 155mmH
Weight : 4.1kg (9 lb)
Visual back : 31.7mm push-fit
Eyepieces : Optional (NLV and LVW with 31.7mm barrel are recommendable, but except LV8-24 Zoom)
Standard accessory : Finder bracket shoe, Carry handle, Dew shields

Note :
The BT81S-A is not designed for viewing at high magnification. Use of the eyepieces with focal length shorter than 10mm is not recommendable.


  • This package consists of HF2 Alt-Azimuth Fork Mount, BT81S-A Binocular Telescope, SXG-HAL130 aluminum tripod, Swing Bracket and a pair of NLV20mm eyepieces.

Product No.38066-4

Note :
The BT81S-A is not designed for viewing at high magnification. Use of the eyepieces with focal length shorter than 10mm is not recommendable.

Binocular telescope BT125-A

Photo:BT125-A Optical Tube

BT125-A Optical Tube
enlarged image


enlarged image

BT125-A Optical Tube

  • Largest binocular telescope in 125mm aperture.
  • 45 degree angled eyepiece structure makes you feel comfortably observing night sky.
  • For a very stable and comfortable observation, it is highly recommended to use BT125-A optical tube in combination with HF2 altazimuth fork mount, swing bracket and SX-SXD tripod(SX-HAL130 tripod).

Product No.5835-08
Objective Lens Effective Diameter : 125mm, Achromat, Multi-Coated
Focal Distance : 760mm
Aperture Ratio : F6.1
Resolution : 0.93sec
Limiting Magnitude : 12.3
Light Gathering Power : 319×
Size : Length 630mm × Width 360mm
Weight : 10.9kg
Finder : 50mm XY finder bracket(L), optional
    7×50 finder scope with built-in illuminated reticle,
Visual back : 31.7mm push-fit
Eyepiece : Diameter 31.7mm, optional(*1)
Photography : Not possible
Solar observation : Not possible

*1…Optional eyepieces in 31.7mm diameter can be used for BT80-A and BT125-A
  (LV8-24mm and NPL eyepieces are not usuable).

【In case of using high-magnification eyepieces】
Magnification of BT80-A and BT125-A can be changed by exchange of eyepieces.
Please note light-path may not align structurally in case of using high-magnification eyepieces.
It is recommended to use middle and low magnification eyepieces of more than 10mm in focal length.


 HF2 altazimuth fork mount+BT125-A optical tube

  + SX-HAL130 tripod + eyepieces(NLV25mm×2pcs)

  • The very poweful large 125mm-aperture assures an exciting observation of nebulae, star clusterss, etc.
    It consists of 125mm-aperture binocular telescope, HF2 altazimuth fork mount and tripod.

Product No.38065-7